Transthoracic echocardiography has become an established component of intensive care monitoring. Traditionally performed by Cardiology Services, either sonographers or cardiology fellows, limitations have included availability of these personnel on a 24 hour/ 7 day per week basis to the intensive care unit (ICU), clinical interpretation of TTE data in complex critically ill patients and the need for serial examinations as indicators of response to therapy.

Performance of TTE examinations has moved beyond the traditional users and now involves intensive care doctors. International consensus statements have been published in 2009, 2011 and 2014. These define competencies required for basic level critical care echocardiography (BCCE) and has provided a practical roadmap to Intensivists involved in echocardiography training.

This website is aimed squarely at intensive care trainees. Emergency medicine and anaesthesia trainees may find it of some use. At this time, the website is very much in its infancy. Further content planned include interactive 3d, pitfalls in imaging, image optimization, standard measurements (including doppler), ICU pathology and a case library. A contact form is provided; your feed back as well as requests for specific content would be most appreciated.